School Renovation for Bolinao Pangasinan

Pilar Elementary School in Bolinao, Pangasinan has 465 students but only 9 classrooms. But one can hardly call them functioning classrooms. 2 of the classrooms are dilapidated; 2 are just just makeshift classrooms with blackboards serving as “walls”; some classrooms don’t have chairs; and the principal’s office is just a table and chair set up at the school stage. Government has not released any budget for the repair of this school. In spite of this, the teachers and students try to rise above difficulties and continue to spread the gift of education.

Project Malasakit called for donations and a lot of people responded to the call – Gigi Hobson from Texas, USA, Juliet and Toti Vergara from Canada, Royelias Martinez, Pilar Lee, Dudi and Ninel Constantino, and many more! After a few months, we were able to renovate the school classrooms. The children of Pilar Elementary school can now enjoy functional and safe classrooms. Thanks to the miracle of compassion.