Our Partners

Cristina and Alfred Cay

Canadian couple Cristina and Alfred Cay donate 20,000 pesos to Project Malasakit thru their friend Leo Santos.

Melody Yapson

Triathlete Melody Yapson donates 28,000 pesos to Project Malasakit. Melody ran the IM703 Iron Man marathon in Cebu and was able to raise enough funds to sponsor the education of two kids for one year. Strong woman, strong convictions.

Hilda and Terrence

They got married last December 2012. They decided to donate a part of their wedding fund to the Aeta children of Porac Pampanga.

Marjorie Velasco Oriel

She donated beautiful eco bags with Project Malasakit prints, clothes, and super cute baby shoes! Thank you Marge!

Monday Gamac

GMA guest coordinator Monday Gamac donates 8 dozens of slippers to Project Malasakit. We are planning to give these to the Mangyan children of Mindoro.