Ambulansyang De Paa

Location Sitio Dyangdang and Sitio Apnagan, Bansud Mindoro Oriental

BeneficiarieS 100 mangyan families

ITEMS GIVEN solar power units, grocery items, medicines, school supplies

DONOR Various

The sitios of Dyangdang ang Apnagan in Mindoro were featured in the award-winning Iwitness documentary Ambulansyang De Paa. The documentary told the story of these Mangyan communities which lacked access to electricity, food and health care facilities. Over the course of three years, Project Malasakit has been continuously helping the community through various efforts. We have given them solar power units. We have built them a makeshift classroom and donated school chairs to the community as well as school supplies for the kids. We have also donated a water pump. And also built them a health center/maternity clinic. Aside from this, we have helped one of the kids who was severely malnourished, get medical assistance and initiated a feeding program for him. Some of these efforts were featured in the Iwitness documentary Liwanag sa Dilim