Solar Power for Mangyans of Sitio Sawmill

Sitio Sawmill is a small upland community in Brgy. Malo, Bansud Mindoro Oriental. It is so remote that the Mangyan tribe who live in the area still practice the old ways of hunting and gathering. Some of the Mangyans in the area still wear their traditional G-string. When we got into contact with this community in 2014, some of the parents told us of their desire for their children to go to school. Thus, Project Malasakit embarked on a longterm plan for the community. The first phase was to give them access to electricity, we provided them solar power panels and taught them about the basics of solar energy. The next phase was to build them a daycare center where Mangyan children can be taught hopw to read and write. And on weekends, teachers can conduct adult literacy classes for the parents.