Mauwe Liwanag is a hardworking Aeta child who was featured in the I Witness documentary “Kawayang Pangarap” last April 2015

Mauwe lives in the mountains of Sitio Malipano in Subic Zambales. To augment the family income, Mauwe has to work in the forest. Every weekend, she helps her father carry heavy bamboo trees. Despite her age, she does back-breaking work to feed her family. Being the fourth child of seven siblings, Mauwe understands that she needs tobe a responsible daughter and a sister to her family. Mauwe dreams of finishing high school. Unfortunately, there are times when she has to be absent in class because she needs to help her father.

  • Scholar since 2015
  • Grade 6
  • Batiawan Integrated School, Malipano Subic, Zambales