Pido and his brother Kevin live in Brgy. San Vicente Olango Cebu, where majority of the residents are involved in starfish harvesting.

Eleazar “Pido” Nacua was featured in the I-Witness documentary “BITUIN SA DAGAT” Aired on GMA7 Last September 17, 2012

Pido’s father (Mang Elias) is a fisherman. He has 7 children. Because of spending many hours at sea Mang Elias has developed an infection on his legs and could not walk properly.

For this reason, Pido had to stop schooling to help his father in diving. Everyday, the family is able to gather 50-100 starfishes which they sell for only P1.00- 2.00 depending on size. They earn P50.00- 100.00 everyday.

This is not enough to feed a family of 7 and support Pido’s education. Pido used to be a consistent honor student but now he has to let go of his dreams and start working for his family.

Since 2012, Pido and Kevin were enrolled as Project Malasakit scholars. They have stopped working at sea and are both full-time students at present. Pido is a consistent honor student.

Eleazar “Pido” Nacua
  • Scholar since 2012
  • Grade 12
  • Sta. Rosa Highschool, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu
Kevin Nacua
  • Scholar since 2012
  • Grade 10
  • Sta. Rosa Highschool, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu


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