Patrick Reyes comes from the mountain ranges of Batangan, Bongabong Mindoro Oriental.

The Mangyan Tribe of Mindoro Oriental is one of the most impoverished tribal minorities in the Philippines. Most of them live in the mountains where there is limited access to health and education.

He is the youngest of seven siblings. His parents are both upland farmers earning an average of 2,000 pesos per month.  This money is not enough to feed 7 children and send them to school.

In 2014, Project Malasakit took him in as a scholar. After finishing high school, he went on to college and took up BS Secondary Education. Many members of the Mangyan Tribe are illiterate and Patrick wants to be an instrument in educating his people. Last 2019, Patrick passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers. Patrick’s community was featured in the Iwitness documentary: “Daang Ilog”

  • Scholar since 2014
  • BS Education major in Math
  • Innovative College of Science and Technology, Bongabong, Mindoro Oriental