Losalin is the eldest daughter of a Mangyan chieftain. The Mangyan tribe belong to the poorest and one of the most marginalized sectors of Mindoro province.

They live in the mountains and subsist on upland farming and hunting. Many Mangyan communities have no access to electricity and health facilities. I met Losalin’s family when I did the Iwitness documentary “Ambulansyang de Paa”. Losalin’s father would carry the sick in makeshift hammocks and bring them to hospital on foot.

Access to education is likewise a problem for many Mangyan communities. Children have to walk for hours to get to the nearest school. Because of this, many mangyan elders are illiterate. Losalin dreams of becoming a teacher someday to be able to educate and inspire the future generation of Mangyans.

In 2019, Losalin graduated with a degree in Education. She is now an elementary school teacher.