Jeza Marie, despite the financial and emotional challenges, graduated CUM LAUDE with a BA Mass Communication degree from Wesleyan University, Nueva Ecija.

Jeza Marie is one of Project Malasakit’s most intelligent scholars. Her grandmother used to support her education by working as a domestic helper in Hongkong. Unfortunately, her grandmother died of cancer. Jeza is a daughter of a tricycle driver in Nueva Ecija and that of a mother afflicted with breast cancer. Jeza’s mother eventually succumbed last 2012, yet despite the financial and emotional challenges, she has consistently maintained an average of 1.75. She is a good writer, the President of the Mass Communication Society and at the top of her class.

The family does not have enough money to send her to college, but through the help of donors, we are able to pay for her tuition and monthly school allowance. She is one of our most promising scholars.

Jeza graduated CUM LAUDE with a BA Mass Communication degree  from Wesleyan University, Nueva Ecija in April 2013.

Her On-The-Job Training was in Manila. She finished 400 hours for 4 institutions and has worked for Malaya Business Insights wherein she covered and attended presscons and wrote news. She also had her OJT at Manila Broadcasting Company YES FM, wherein she was asked to do radio scripts. She was given was a grade of 96.2. Another 100 hours was spent at PTV 4 wherein she acted as floor director, in-charge of the teleprompter.

The news that Jeza wrote was used by the PTV 4’s anchor during the news coverage. Her last 100 OJT hours was at GMA7.